Instagram, Messenger, and whatsapp merger

Very soon you’ll experience a historical messaging merger of all Zuckerberg social platforms. According to the New York Times, Instagram, Whatsapp, and messenger users will be able to send messages to each other regardless of your social network.

Just recently, Whatsapp ads were introduced and now users are able to manage their campaigns for the three platforms under one umbrella. Whether this is to the benefit of the user or not, we shall see.

The messaging introduction is no doubt competing with Google messaging & Apple iMessage. The three social media app will not be affected in any way but will allow users to connect while messaging without exiting logged in the app. This merger could see more users coming on board to enjoy the ease of communication.


Zuckerberg messaging merger


Mark Zuckerberg plans to step up on security areas by having end-to-end encryption. Whatsapp already has wan end-to-end encryption which protects the users from having their messages intercepted. If the idea is adopted, the three social media platforms will be the most secure in regard to messaging security.

The merger idea, however, has not been received wholeheartedly by the Whatsapp & Instagram team. Even before, there was a pull & push issue between Mark and one of Whatsapp founders over users security fears when Whatsapp ads were introduced. This time around, the issue of users privacy is the biggest concern from the employees.


Messaging in one platform


It is not clear as to when the three apps merger could happen, though there is a high likelihood of the big realization happening early 2020. The Facebook spokesperson said the move is aimed at making the messaging experience simple, fast, private & reliable.



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