Whatsapp Status To have ads in 2019

The way you interact with Whatsapp messaging app will change in the coming days as Mark Zuckerberg plans to introduce Whatsapp ads.

Whatsapp was started in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum. Five years later, Facebook acquired Whatsapp at a whooping US $19 Billion. It is Facebook largest acquisition ever.

The app currently boasts of 1.5 billion users, 1 billion active users, and estimated to have 60 billion messages sent every day. It is a timely strategy for facebook business unit to consider monetizing the platform according to Softpedia News.

The Whatsapp ads will be appearing in WhatsApp status, and this could be experienced early 2019. Businesses will now be able to use targeted ads to reach receptive audiences.

The move by Facebook to include Whatsapp ads goes against the founder’s principals to protect user privacy and ensure the platform is free from ads.

Jan Kaum felt that the introduction of ads to the platform has a high likelihood of compromising users data. According to Independent, Acton said the outcome of Whatsapp ads is something he will have to live with since selling the company somehow felt like a betrayal to users.

Mr. Acton resigned from Whatsapp company last year when Zuckerberg hinted to start monetizing through WhatsApp ads.

Even that, Whatsapp spokesperson has confirmed that Whatsapp ads will not affect end-to-end encryption. However, even after users being assured their privacy will not be violated by the introduction of Whatsapp business API targeted ads target a specific audience through users data.

While regular users may fear about the turning of events, businesses are the winners here. Out of all the messages sent on Whatsapp, a bigger percent are business related.

A survey carried in India & Brazil show that most businesses use the platform to connect with their customers. So, it seems like the introduction of Whatsapp ads will change the game for many businesses.

According to Whatsapp Vice President Chris Daniels, Whatsapp ads will be carried out & controlled by the Facebook ad system. Meaning ads can be managed at Ads manager. It is again good news for businesses running their campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and now Whatsapp through Facebook ad manager.

With success stories of Facebook & Instagram, let’s see what Whatsapp will turn out to be in the coming year once the ads are rolled out.

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