What is Facebook Group

Facebook group is a social media platform on Facebook where you join with friends, family, acquaintances, or people of similar interests to share or discuss certain topics or opinions.

Groups help to build a community of people that share common values through organic discussions about products or services. The group can be about any cause, event, or topic. If you go to Facebook you’ll find groups about traveling, jobs, videogames, business entrepreneurs, friendship, or personalized depending on the member’s plan.

Anyone can create a Facebook group or groups to share information, educate or tailor it whatever they like. You can create your own group or many and join other groups without exceeding the 6000 total number of groups you can join.

Quick Tips About Facebook Group

Here are few things you need to understand about the Facebook group whether you are creating yours or just a member of some.

  • Only registered Facebook user can create or join the Facebook group
  • Any Facebook user can create a group
  • You can set the group as public or private
  • Every time you join a Group, your Facebook friends know that you’ve joined
  • There are Groups not accessible through a normal search and can only join when members invite you
  • Other members are not notified after leaving the Group
  • Only the person that created the Group or anyone they put as admin can invite other people
  • You can end the Group by removing all members


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