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If you have not integrated #Video in your business, you’re missing out and need to do it like yesterday


Should you Consider Video Marketing in Your Business? Here is why you need it.

According to Wordstream, over 80% of online marketers prefer video content. Social Media video is the most shared content than text, especially if it is relevant and resonates with your audience.

If you are not using video in your business, it’s time you include it as your next top priority. Can you imagine the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text content? And since everyone is fighting to appear at the top of search engines, starting with Google. Video can help you appear top of SERP faster than text content since the Google algorithm favors video over any other type of content. 

Study shows that over 90 percent of consumers are accelerated to purchase products or services on the web by watching a video. In fact, some projection indicates that many companies plan to increase the use of video marketing budget to help them stand out. 

Video marketing strategy is essential for your business growth, and if you plan to stay relevant. Your competitors are reaping from video marketing benefits, so you should not ignore the video marketing statistics because they portray what consumer needs.

Consumers skip your text pages because they are busy consuming video content on the business next door

Video & Social Media

Today there are 4 billion Social Media users, which is more than half of the world population. On Facebook alone, 4 billion video content views happen there daily. Also, videos on Facebook get over 1,200 shares more than both images and text combined.
The data shows the importance of videos not only on your website but on Social Media as well. While the text is important, you can gain a lot from integrating video into your business. If you are doubting, check the video marketing stats, and you’ll be surprised.
Look at Twitter; there are over 2 billion video views every day, which is a 67% increase year-over-year. And according to Twitter’s internal data, Tweets with video drive more engagements than the tweets without the video. Surprisingly, Twitter videos prompt consumers to take action than text and Tweets with images.
When #Instagram launched video, over 5 million videos were posted within 24 hours. On the same platform, sponsored videos generate 3 times comments than sponsored images. That is what a simple video can do to your brand.
Youtube, a Social Media, and the second search engine after Google get 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute. Youtube receives over 3 billion searches each month, which exceeds the search on Yahoo, Bing, ASK, and AOL combined. You can see the video is in demand, and things will continue to get better.
You are sitting on the fence for too long; why not allow me to make your business part of the statistics. I will help incorporate video into your business, and you’ll be surprised how your returns soar within no time

Video marketing importance

How Else Can Video Help You?

Integrating video to your business can be instrumental by driving website traffic, establishing brand identity, and generating leads.
The video encourages visitors to come to your websites linger for long, and that may lure them to navigate to other pages. If your website has a better user experience may increase your chances of getting sales depending on what services or products you offer.
If you can adopt an ideal way of demonstrating to your audience about the products you offer in a video, you may gain more customers. 64% of consumers make a quick decision after seeing a video with a clear demonstration.
It’s tough driving sales with text, and you need double effort to achieve what a single and straightforward video would do. Video enhances engagements, which, in turn, effortlessly converts to sales.
In the era of the smartphone, video is nowadays consumed more on mobile. If two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, imagine how that could impact your business.
Help with your video marketing is closer than you think. Just request for a video-virtual assistant and begin your video growth journey.

Ready for #Video? Here are things I will do for you


1. Video Editing 

   – Remove bloopers

   – Insert narration, dialogue, music

   – Add sound effects

   – Add subtitles

   – Intros & Outros

   – Raw footage (for footage & color)

2. Youtube Management

   – Publish on Youtube

   – Thumbnails design

   – Keywords Research

   – Youtube Marketing

   – Video title & description optimization

   – Organizing video into playlist

3. Video Ads

My #video services

Share with me any of your video needs, and I have a tool for it