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Is your business on any social media? Probably, you are reading this and wondering why waste time on such platforms while your business is doing well? 

Well, I cannot refute that, but don’t you think it is a problem especially ignoring the direction the world is heading? Let me jerk you a bit. Do you know there are over 3 billion users on social media today? Does that surprise you? Can you imagine what a fraction of that would do to your business?

If not yet convinced check the reasons below why you are missing out on a big chunk of Social Media cake.

Social Media is for sure the ultimate equalizer. It gives your business a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. Therefore, use it not to impress, but to impact.

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Do I Need Social Media Manager?

It is tempting most of the time to manage your business all by yourself to save money. For one, if you do not have Social Media marketing experience, it’s a waste of time, and you’ll end up blaming the system. 

Social Media is not a platform where you post random stuff and expect things to work out miraculously. Look for a professional who understands your business, audience, and strategies that bring positive results.

Social Media is a platform where people hang and connect to socialize. Your social media manager role is to distract the traffic in a way that prompts them to interact with your business and finally become customers.

Hiring a Social Media Manager gives you time to focus on other important initiatives. And you’ll never have to put any project on the backburner. Social media manager helps to post consistently to your pages, personal profiles, groups, and engage better with your customers. 

Also, SMM responds to messages, boost brand engagement, provide analysis of your business growth, and manage campaigns. 

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Social Media Awareness

Social Media Marketing

When you make entry to Social Media, you can only make it better day by day. However, any effective approach requires an expert to help maneuver around to maximize every opportunity available. Social Media Marketing can help you target the right customers, boost your leads, enhance brand awareness, and bring sales.
Social Media is the most cost-effective advertising strategy on the web. You sign up for free, reach out, and engage with customers without spending any penny. Unless you decide to run campaigns for easy and speedy results, but no other platform where you’ll find free traffic in one place like on Social Media, regardless of the platform. The only thing that matters is defining your audience on the platform you plan to target your customers.
Website is not enough to run your business; in fact, many users nowadays decide to interact with your company based on your Social Media influence. So, take advantage of your social media marketing and stay ahead of your competitors.

The success of your business on Social Media is about the “smart” strategies that you apply. It is one area where you don’t have to outspend your competitors in order to beat them. 

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What is the role of Social Media Manager to your Business? 

Here is the vital role your SMM will help you with:

  • Develop and implement your social media strategy
  • Oversee your Social Media content 
  • Monitor your Social Media success campaigns
  • For effective posting they use tools to schedule 
  • Define important Social Media KPIs
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and apply the same on your business
  • Collaborate with other teams in marketing, sales, and product department
  • Provide detailed analysis of your accounts performance
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations you agree 
  • Align your business with best SEO practices and if possible provide suggestion about content optimization.
  • Monitor your competitors approach 
  • Bring new ideas to enhance your business
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These are Areas I Will Help Your Social Media #Business


1. Build Social Media Platforms from scratch 

   – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube

2. Organize your Social Media profiles to align with your goals and optimize them for easy search

3. Regular updates and management of your Social Media profiles

4. Schedule for you daily, weekly, monthly posts

5. Keep your audience engaged through promotion, quizzes, giveaways, and more. 

6. Respond to users comments through your brand language

7. Reply to DM’s

8. Engage pro-actively with potential customers

9. Create designs that resonates with your audience

10. Provide weekly & monthly analytics

11. Plan for you a weekly or monthly posting calendar

12. Ensure there’s brand consistency across your social media channels

13. Others we can plan along the way…

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