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Importance of Podcast in Your Business Today


A podcast is not only a trending way to communicate today but essential for expanding your brand. The demand for podcasts is on the rise, and it’s high time you booked your space before competitors take advantage before you do.
Technology has made it easier for businesses to connect with their audience through various avenues making the process very cost-effective.
The podcast helps your audience pay much attention compared to text. It opens new avenues of financial possibilities, positions you as an authority in a specific subject, and connects you with important networks from various industries.
The most effective marketing approach to reach your audience is through audio, as it never distracts them while on the go. The more and convenient your content gives the audience the ability to consume with no distractions, the better it is for your business.

Audience Respond to to Podcasts that talks directly to them. And I help you deliver exactly that to your target audience.

Podcast Statistics – They Never Lie


While video and text are essential, podcast (online audio broadcast) is the only content that does not demand too much attention. The audience can engage in other activities while listening to the audio uninterrupted.

About 60% of the US audience are actively into a podcast, which is consistently growing. As we speak, there are almost 1 million podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes, according to Oberlo.

Statistics show that more than 65% of podcast consumers listen via portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. When most listeners were asked why they love tuning to podcasts, three out of four people said to learn new things.

More than 75% of Americans are familiar with podcasts term and interacted with them. Additionally, many people consume a podcast at home, which is 50% in America. 

I can go on and on, but don’t just read the statistics; instead, let us work together to make your business/brand part of the statistics.

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Let’s work together and make your Podcast the next #Big thing

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Will you Get Returns After Investing Money & Time to Podcast?


Success is an understatement from the benefits that you reap in Podcasting. Of course, starting a podcast requires you to plan the way forward before rolling out everything. Choose the topic you’re passionate about, identify your audience, and relay the podcast in a way that makes it easier for them to connect.
The more your podcast grows in popularity, the more the audience expands, which means more income for you. In fact, there are not many businesses out there that are as cost-effective as a podcast, especially the initial setup.
Apart from sponsorship and affiliate marketing, podcasts can be beneficial in promoting your products and services. Also, running a podcast shifts you from seeing it as a business to a fulfilling calling through the deep connection it creates between you and the audience.
Come on! Start this journey, and you’ll never regret it.

Here are Podcasting Services I’ll Help you With…


1. I will help you record your show
2. I will edit the audio for you (Use the best editing tools)
3. I will work on your show notes
4. I will help brainstorm topics ideas
5. I will upload the audio content and publish it (Post your podcast in various podcast directories)
6. I will market your podcast to relevant audience
7. I will apply SEO for easy ranking by working on the topic, metadata and the description.
8. I will integrate podcast to your website 
(WordPress) for automatic upload
9. I will help to create your podcasting schedule
10. Prepare questions for your interview guests
11. If you plan to monetize your channel, I can get 
you sponsors that resonate with your business
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