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Do you Need Email Marketing Today?

Email marketing is as important as it was a decade ago. If you’re not taking advantage of the email marketing to your business, then you are missing out on a tool that makes it easier to reach customers. 

Over 30% people around the world use email to communicate. That is a very high number considering the figure is constantly increasing. According to Radicati Group, almost 200 billion emails are sent daily which shows how valuable this digital marketing tool is. 

While Social Media is a powerful channel to connect with customers, nothing converts visitors to customers better than email marketing. 

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) research shows that every 1 dollar spent through email marketing converts to $40. And that’s why about 70 percent consumers prefer promotional messages coming through email than any other avenue. 

If you are still not sure how to approach the process, I will help you build a powerful email marketing strategy to easily keep converting users to solid customers. 

For instance, you can build an email list through your website and remain your loyal customer base forever. Unlike Social Media platforms where you have no control, email list remains your trustworthy audience.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

The most favored business by EM is SMBs because the process is inexpensive and effectively reach a large number of consumers at almost zero cost per message. 

A study focusing on US retailers identified that 85% prefer Email Marketing over other marketing strategies. Regardless of the new technology ideas that have emerged and social networks, marketers consider email as their most trusted option with promising results. 

When you compare Email Marketing with other traditional approach, it is 10 times better through increased cost benefits, ROI and more as a result of tight relationship established with the audience. 

You should never struggle to join the dot if you have tried million times and nothing is working. I will study your audience, create campaign for you that boost engagement, nurture the existing list, re-engage with inactive subscribers, segment the list, and more. 

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How to Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful boost to improve your brand image when you let customers see your logo and branding regularly. 

Credibility goes hand in hand with quality content and topics that are relevant to the audience. Therefore, email can help you to build a solid credibility after you give cutomers something good and unique.

You’ll agree with me it’s a headache converting visitors to customers. No one likes the idea of visitors exiting from your website without requesting to know more about your business or making any purchases even after you invest your time and money. 

Let me help you build a targeted email list that resonate with your business. Having the right email list can become a rich source of your sales. 

The growth rate of small business relying on Email Marketing is very high due to cost and setup process. Today, consumers are interacting with emails using their mobile phones. In fact, email beats other activities such as games, general search, social media, watch video/tv, maps/diresction search, web browsing and more. 

My approach targeting consumers using their mobile the mos will help your business grow because I understand what makes them open the emails and what triggers them to make purchase depending on your niche. 

Email Marketing probably is the only thing you require to transform your business and see the needed ROI


My Email Marketing Services


If you are looking to take your business to the next level, here are some of my services that will give headache to your competitors.

  • Create email templates
  • Create email database through uploading of email addresses & names
  • Send or schedule emails
  • Design visuals with your brand image
  • Email mining – I mine 1000+ emails from your preferred niche and countries.
  • I will setup for you automated mails
  • Manage your email flow
  • Offer marketing expertise to your business
  • Build responsive email campaigns
  • Segments your business subcribers
  • Extract data from your campaing and prepare performance reports
  • Create email texts that resonates with your audience
My Email Services