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How To Become Top Instagram Influencer

TweetShareSharePin1818 SharesEvery business and every product owner is fighting for top Instagram influencer seat. You may wonder, what kind of party going on up there, where everybody focuses on? If you want to know, ask a startup business, the hustle of screaming…

Every business and every product owner is fighting for top Instagram influencer seat.

You may wonder, what kind of party going on up there, where everybody focuses on?

If you want to know, ask a startup business, the hustle of screaming lungs out, while seeking consumer’s attention.

Ask a business which has been lifted from ground zero all the way to the topmost place.

For both of them, they are fighting for positioning at a vantage point. One get’s a rough experience of beating the bush looking for consumers. The other one luckily exposes their brand on the platform of influencers and the recognition of it changes the game.

Building a reputation on Instagram to become the top influencer is a not a hard process, though it requires a bit of creativity.

Below, I have highlighted the creme de la creme of Instagram Kings & Queens category, and the strategies they use to make them popular.

Social Media Celebrity Class: Find How Top Instagram Influencers Do It


Becoming a top Instagram influencer does not happen overnight. It is a combination of certain aspects, doing them right, and consistently following the procedure.

The influencer popularity took shape just recently. Before, only blogs and YouTube used to rule the game. Nowadays, established and newcomers are finding Instagram platform fulfill their driving focus as well connect easily with the audience, something that cannot be attributed to other social media.

Numbers don’t lie. According to Socialpilot, Instagram platform model is attractive to advertisers and users than any other social media network out there.

Before jumping on the bandwagon there are a number of things you should do right for you to acquire the top Instagram influencer tag.

  1. What kind of audience are you targeting?
  2. What is the goal of your influence?
  3. What kind of campaigns will you help advertisers run around your circle?
  4. Will you be transparent?

If you are able to answer all the four queries confidently, then you can proceed and join other giants who are shouting the loudest on Instagram.

Below, are 3 samples of the most respected on Instagram commanding a bee of audiences behind them. Check them, learn, replicate, or better still surpass their strategies if you have superior ideas than what they offer.

Do you think it is possible? Only you can answer that. Without much ado, let’s roll these stars.

Deliciously Ella

One of the most influential instagram inlufencers

She has 1.3 million followers

Talk of influence here, and she knows her thing.

Deliciously Ella Instagram platform focuses on delicacies, apps, books, and the things she does on a daily basis.

She is one of the top Instagram influencers growing rapidly and grabbing Instagrammers attention.

Her posts are hard to pass by and no wonder every posting attracts a bee of followers whether you are in love with what is posted or not.

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The Rock

Top most instagram influential stars

This one requires no introduction. Whoa! you can check the figure yourself, smashing the numbers haha.

109 Million followers and the figure still building up. Such is one of the top Instagram influencer leading the pack. That’s why the big corporations can hardly stay away from the stars. They bring along with them goodies, exposure, influence, and high conversion rate since they have the number.

Money is in the number…Can you threaten the sitting position of the Rock? probably your case could be the opposite where you are following 109 million Instagrammers and only 250 die-hard users following you back.

But, get this straight. Do not be threatened by the mass following. Learn their approach of posting, by focusing on:

  • What type of content do they post?
  • What videos attract a lot of viewership?
  • How often do they post?

Most of their posts are sponsored a thing you can do. Only for the Rock type, they have the global support of their wrestling fans and movies.

The rock connects with his followers by posting videos of the movies he is acting, while at the gym, traveling, and much more. You cannot necessarily replicate the Rock idea of posting, but you can create your idea from his perspective.

Michelle Lewin

top health instagram influencer

She is just an impressive top Instagram influencer. She has over 13 million followers. That’s a good number business-wise.

If a brand just advertised a product on her platform, for a professionally designed idea can harvest a huge conversion. So, in the 21st-century marketing idea is to cut short the struggle and go where the consumers like hanging.

Since technological era is pushing people to social media mostly, then most brands will target users there. And if you are looking forward to becoming one of the top Instagram influencers or even command a decent following. Well, that is a good investment.

Michelle videos are catchy, well delivered, and she stuns whether in the gym working out, cat-walking or just posing for a capture.

What Is The Top Instagram Influencer Secret?

There is no hidden secret to becoming popular. The only outstanding idea to make your platform unique is understanding your followers and what they love.

Posting from the audience perspective is not left to bloggers alone. As you can see from the few top Instagram influencer we have highlighted, what makes them remain the top cream is:

> Posting oftenly

> Surprising the followers with the unexpected posts

> Combining captures and stunning videos

> Keeping the followers in the guess

Once you start building your path, the right followers will come and stick with you. The same applies to the brand that wants to market their products/ services using your Instagram platform.

A single journey starts with a single step, try and see.








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