Using Facebook Ads for your business whether you are a startup or an established brand is the best choice for getting ROI. However, that is not the case for many that have invested heavily in the Facebook ads expecting to get returns.

One of the leading failures of Facebook ads success is a lack of understanding of how they function.

When you invest heavily in Facebook ads does not translate to more revenue. It takes strategies and smart mastering of the ads to see a return on investment.

And this approach of pumping a lot of dollars mostly affect the startup businesses entering the market with a vague focus. That does not mean big brands have the upper hand either.

According to Neil Patel, around 60% of startup businesses fail miserably in Facebook ads. Investing in a platform that is expected to reach 3 billion users by 2020 is a good decision. The ironic thing about your investment through Facebook ads is when they fail to favor you.

It can be frustrating when positive business expectations end up in failure. What are you supposed to do when something you had total faith in changes?

Do not give up yet as the steps highlighted below have been tried & tested to turn around your Facebook ad investment to success.

Use A/B Testing Approach

Wouldn’t it be smarter to try inexpensive Facebook Ads until you get to the one that works? Splashing your dollars and waiting for a miracle to happen in your ad campaign is suicidal marketing.

I have never seen a Facebook Ads pro. Even myself I can never boast to earn that tag. But one thing for sure is I can A/B test and come up with an effective working strategy guaranteeing the return on investment.

What you try today and earn you positive leads is not the same methodology that will work tomorrow. Otherwise, every marketer would be applying the decoded approach and start making money immediately. However, that is not the reality on the ground.

So, what works then?

A/B Testing has proved to offer relief in your Facebook Ad campaign in several areas.

  1. It helps you to discover the best working solution which saves you $$$
  2. It helps you to target the market effectively
  3. If you are a starter, it helps you to understand your business and advertising techniques inside out
  4. The split test creates a foundation for your future Ad campaigns.

What areas do you A/B Test your Facebook Ads?

Ad with images

Ad with videos

Ad with Content

An ad with different keywords

From the four samples of Ads, you keep the one with better results. Alternatively, you improve those that audience tends to interact with more by adding few tweaks.

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Facebook Ads Targeting

Targeting your Ads is the most effective way that guarantees you breakthrough. Facebook has a way to guide you through your Ad placement. However, it is not targeted.

You are the only one who knows what kind of audience you’d like them to interact with your products/services.

If you are selling Laptops, be aware of who are the people interested in buying your type of gadgets. Age bracket, define your targeted location, & the number you plan to reach.

In all the aspects regarding Facebook Ads, targeting is the one that plays a major role in seeing your leads convert. 

Some marketers fear to entertain targeting approached in their campaign thinking they are restricting too much. However, you can reach a small number of a well-targeted group which can bring a higher rate of conversion.

Targeting a wider audience hoping to grasp a good lead in the process may disappoint if nothing converts. It’s a blind approach that has cost many marketers their money. 

Utilizing Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is a useful feature that helps your campaign especially when retargeting. 

Facebook pixel is an analytical tool designed to capture users visiting your site and collects data about their interests. 

It can help you to track the ads that are effectively performing saving you a lot of hassle in the long run. 

With Facebook pixel, you can get:

Engagement that is relevant

Helps you get insight into your audience behavior

Look-alike audiences

Helps you identify accurate ROI of your campaign

Learning about your consumer’s behavior is the number one objective of any serious business owner. A Facebook pixel can offload you a lot of time & money by helping you spend your ad dollars with the right target.

Just recently, the Facebook updated pixel is designed to capture visitors information thus driving more conversions to businesses.

Facebook Pixel is one of its kind in Social media & online advertising world. One of the effective functioning of the tool is accuracy during remarketing depending on the information collected.

Create Engaging Posts

When the audience engages with your posts, you get likes, sharing of the content, & contribution. That helps the Facebook algorithm to regard your posts as relevant.

Engaging posts that interact with your audience have to be conversational in order to attract & involve the interested party including those sitting on the fence.

It activates action and through engagement, you get to learn what your audience say, like, hate, and later you are able to improve from the given information. If your posts are engaging, conversion is easy to happen & in the process saves your dollars.

Call To Action (CTA)

When advertising on Facebook, you have all the options around you aimed to improve your business. You can do so by using the provided buttons:

Shop Now

Sign Up

Learn More

Book Now

And the buttons helps the audience to engage with your ads as well. Out of the four buttons, Learn more works magic and has the highest (CTR) Click Through Rate.

Wrap Up

Whether you are solo, young business, or a corporation trying to figure out how Facebook Ads works. You can scoop more with fewer dollars by applying the highlighted strategies.

Many criminalize facebook ad system, not because it is bad for business, but blindly stash money expecting magic to happen. You only require proper planning, which is not a complicated process. 



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