Instagram has risen of late with the number approaching 1 Billion. Instagram influencer realization is real. And if you join early competitors will not be able to keep up with you. They say the early bird catches the worm and it helps you to solidify your position as an influencer.
An early strategy is important to lead others, even though some are already ahead of you. When you define your role as an influential figure on Instagram is better today than it will be tomorrow.
The benefit you have from joining the influencer league are immeasurable. Big brands, medium, small, and starters are entering the platform in droves. You may wonder, what is at the party? Serious consumers trust the platform and heavy exchanges of $$$ are taking place.
It would have been better for you to join yesterday, but today is the best time not to miss this big chance.

Why Start Instagram Influencer Realization Journey Now

Let’s get everything straight because the reality is in the math. You will agree with me out of the five most effective social media platforms today. When I mean 5 the focus is business-oriented ones. That is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and our target here “Instagram”. None has demonstrated success within a short period of time as Instagram has.
Facebook as you all know, except for the newborn who has a couple of days to learn the Zuckerberg influence. It was started on February 4, 2004. I won’t dive much into the details of how’s and the processes that followed. You can get that information here.
From 2004 all the way to 2018 Facebook has over 2 Billion users. What does that mean? That number has been steady for the past 14 years.
Twitter started on 21 March 2006. The stretch from 2006 to 2020 has accumulated Twitter with 340 Million users. The difference is small when you compare it to Facebook. But for 14 years Twitter managed to build up that number and will be expounding about that in another post.
Instagram started the other day, and I know some of you are yet to understand the platform. Instagram influencer realization history starts when the platform came live. Before starting the Instagram influencer journey, you need to learn several things.
Instagram started in October 2010. In the early stages, it functioned as an iOS app before joining android later in 2012. For the past 10 years, Instagram has surpassed 1 Billion active users. It’s clear no other social media has demonstrated as speedy success as Instagram. . Within a short time, Instagram has accumulated a lot of users, especially, young people.
Another interesting thing is the conversion rate of businesses running on the platform. You cannot compare with the two social media giants (Facebook & Twitter).

What Is Instagram And How Does It Operate

Instagram influerncer platform

Instagram Influencer realization requires you to learn how to use the platform first. By definition, it is a social media application for users to share pictures, videos, hashtags, geotags, and stickers. For instance, the use of the hashtag is common and allows users to spread the word around the platform fast.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, the Instagram platform thrives on that idea. When you post a video or a picture without many words, it will attract shares and comments. Why? The picture can tell more without having to support it.
The Instagram platform is more of a visual social media. Which makes it easier for Influencers to build a reputation fast than any other social media.
Another aspect is the way the design of the platform to display visuals. It is no doubt, human today is more prompted to respond to visuals than text. As an upcoming influencer, learn what others are doing. Then, create a new and unique outlook to display and that will help you build loyal followers who love your work.
You do not spend the rest of your life learning how to flow with the platform. It is very easy and if your grandma can do it, definitely you can.
So, Instagram influencer realization is having a huge audience and establishing firm credibility. Thus, your branding is about the kind of users you attract and the level of trust they are willing to give you.

Position Yourself For A Piece Of Cake

Research shows that Instagram has a huge conversion rate for ads campaign. Some would expect Facebook to lead the pack, but Instagram is changing the game.
Recently, Mark Zuckerberg acquired Instagram from the founders Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger. It has some of the Facebook features, including ad display design. And though Facebook has a high number of users, Instagram’s conversion rate is much higher.
Instagram influencer realization can help your brand to reach more users. Most businesses, prefer to pay influencers for easy exposure of their products.
If you have the right idea, the right plan, the right brand, and the right information, many will trust you. Users are looking for a brand they can trust. Good things are happening on Instagram, and you need the right approach to reap big.
Smart Influencers have solidified their influence and reaping the benefits. You can charge as from $50 per ad and keep adjusting as your audience expands. You should know the number of followers doesn’t count, but the level of engagement does.
Top celebrities charge up to $30,000 per post. But business-oriented influencers can do better than that.

Engage The Users

The bad way to join the platform is Instagram influencer celebrity mentality. Real celebrities are real people the audience can interact with. They want influencers who can give feedback and values them.
Sharing videos, photos, and hashtagging are not enough. You can have many followers, but lack engagement. You will fail if you ignore your audience inboxes, and responding to comments. So, pay attention to your audience’s needs for speedy and effective growth.
A good influencer is not focused on what’s on the table. Instead, they spend time going through feedback and answering queries.
Through engagement, you will learn what the audience loves to see in your post. From the engagement, you are going to get new ideas and share stuff they can connect with. If you are selling a product, your feedback is gold at this stage. That is why successful brands build their products together with users from start.
When an Instagram influencer’s idea is to make money. Ensure you create appealing call-to-action in your captions. Be careful though not to appear like a nagging influencer begging for dollars. Include something warm to allow your audience to click.
The best approach for selling products/services is to provide value first. Use simple call-to-action, and avoid screaming texts to appear professional.
The best conversion is when the audience converts without even knowing it.

Choose Personal OR Business Account

Instagram influencer realization is not limited to which account you should choose. The only difference is whether it’s for fame or as a source of income.
There are Instagram influencers running their accounts as personal ones and are okay. The idea is becoming a serious influencer who wants to get good returns.
It’s best to sell yourself as a brand to create a spirit of trust in the audience. That way, they can trust the products that you promote. Whatever you post is taken as credible outright.
And the benefit of using a business account is for easy visibility. A business account gives you lots of benefits such as insights and access to many features. You are able to see the demographics of your captions and posts. Through that, you are going to adjust/test what is working or not.


The role of Instagram influencer realization today is diverse. To see what is taking place is to get there and try your luck when the platform is still green with good things. Stop sitting on the fence, your approach may redefine the influencing strategy. Taking early chances may give you a solid influence before things change. On the other side of the coin, Instagram may even get better in the coming years.




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