Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest


Maybe you are there and still wondering can I use affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog today?

And I can guarantee you without fear of contradiction, it is possible to earn a steady income by promoting a brand’s products or services on Pinterest.

So, if you have no capital to start a blog, but still interested to make money online, this is your post.

Let me surprise you. Do you know there are many people like you earning a consistent income more than bloggers on Pinterest? Then be assured it is possible to make money on Pinterest 2021 and beyond without a blog.

I will share with you practically proven methods you’ll use Pinterest to make money, so continue digesting the post.

I use Pinterest for my blogs, but for your case only a Pinterest account you need at this stage. Let’s dive into how to set up your Pinterest account step by step.

What are the Advantages of Using Pinterest?

Before you start the Pinterest account, you need to understand why we did not choose platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

First and foremost many people mistake Pinterest for social media while it’s totally different. It is a Search engine and Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann admitted the same in an interview back in 2015, calling it a catalog of ideas.

While Pinterest has 330 million active users and Facebook almost clocking 3 billion active users, the level of conversion rate is very high on Pinterest.

Most people that are active on Pinterest are the Millenials. And as a matter of fact, statistics show they are the driving force for many businesses.

Another notable advantage of using Pinterest for affiliate marketing is the lifespan of pins. The half-life of a Pinterest pin takes 3 months and a half. Therefore even after months of posting, your pin will still drive the needed traffic.

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