When it comes to passing communication to your dear clients, very few people are linking the dots to the other end. 

In the 21st century, and digital age right here with us, and everyone busy, identifying ways of communicating with speed and getting your message delivered is a requirement of every business minded person to consider.

Sometimes you are compelled to ask, what does communication really mean to you? What does it mean? Ever heard of it?

Simply, communication is imparting information from one location to another. Note: It is two-way traffic, not one. That is the simplest way to say it? I might have broken it down further, but that’s not the point here.

What it is

When you go to a shop nearby, you first describe your intention of visit, then the shopkeeper/attendant responds back. That is communication.

Now, depending on the agreement of what you want to buy, the shop attendant responds back with exact item you asked for. Are we together up to that point? Good. Imagine a scenario where you ask for a Gillette and instead the shop attendant preaches to you how good it is to use a knife in place of a Gillette huh!

The description above portray businesses, advertising companies, both small and big, about a discontinued link that is making them lose the key point here “Effective communication” it grabs the attention, communicates back, and creates a hook which is agreement/understanding.

Communication is not shouting, it is not wooing customers verbally, it is neither presenting a fabulous product through means of advertisement. It is building a brand, clothing it with value, incorporating consumers in the building process, accommodating everyone without displaying even a single sentiment of discrimination, and treating them as a family of your brand journey.

What It Is Not

What does it feel to walk into a supermarket, grab a trolley, walk from one end to the other putting in stuff you had included in the list, happily push your trolley full towards the cashier, and have your items stashed in a bag, again walk out and head home. On arrival, you realize they packed for you the wrong items. Hmmm I can imagine the frustration, pain, time wasted, and the dilemma of how to fetch back unwanted items already with you.

Businesses should always view the customer as the boss, therefore, it should be the companies to consult what customers want, how they want it, and much more.

From the old phrase “Customers are always right” has a lot of sense in business to customers relationship. Your business, for instance, is packaged the way it is from customer’s point of view.

This view tends to say, for you to understand what you want to sell, you must learn customers behavior and then you market your products from a point of understanding.

Get me right, this does not mean to let your customers dictate how you should learn and operate your company, but to do intensive research that provides you with the right information of how to meet the market needs and what they want.

What businesses need to do is to first listen to the voice of their customers shouting on the roof-top to be heard. Listening is important and wise as you make a solid decision, and along the way, you will realize it is worth a million times taking chances to pay attention to your customers than spending millions to force attention.

What is happening today? Everyone is seeking for attention, businesses are fighting for attention, employees are looking for attention, and on the other hand, customers are trying hard to have their attention given the first priority.

Here is the question? Who is listening? You know, listening makes you wise to face the challenges ahead, it makes you wise to deal with what you foresee before time, saves you time and resources, helps you understand what your audience wants. Listening does not mean being silent, it is part of the strategy in order to be effective.

It is through effective approach is there a harmony both for business and customers. When you communicate on your blog posts, website, and any other online platform you use to relay your information to customers, make sure to pass information as if speaking to a human with blood and flesh.

It hurts customers when you use commandeering tones, shouting instead of communicating, forcing a product on them instead of persuasively warming their heart towards the product.

Using unfriendly tone thinking you are creating awareness and drawing attention, you actually are committing the biggest crime ever which is suicidal to your business. It is funny, that customer’s can like your product, and even make an attempt to purchase, but when they meet a disconnect in your content trying to communicate, they run for their dear lives.

It takes time and energy to win a single customer and have them trust your brand, and commit to promoting it. For that to happen, it is your duty to use a language they can understand, language that makes them feel welcome and appreciated.

Relay Information To Customers Conversationally

Conversation skills are essential to any organization as it plays a major role as to whether consumers will choose you for business or not. For a physical business, your customer care team act as the face of the business and how they communicate to your customers matters whether the information they pass is solid enough to make them stay.

It costs you nothing when you engage with your customers, speaks to them in a friendly inviting tone that melts their heart to do business. You know, we are humans and everyone responds to any stretched hand that appreciates. The same in the business world, customers respond depending on how you appreciate their visit to your environment, now it is up to you to throw away that golden opportunity or seal deal, which in return makes your business to survive.

I wonder why sometimes it is such a big deal to create content that targets your customers, it doesn’t matter what business you do as long as you make the consumers of your product valuable.

The same way applies to content that informs, those who visit your site daily to digest those pages must have had some connection from there, therefore never assume the traffic you get is enough. Get to know your customers, learn exactly what it is they are looking for, are they satisfied? are they happy? are they content with what you provide? If you can answer confidently about that, then maintain and keep providing quality at all times.

Good communication is when you are able to connect easily with your consumers or presenting your brand in a way they can relate. Always present if it is your brand with customers in mind.

Final Word

Before you get any information out there, counter check you have all the relevant information, right figure, and you have invested some time performing research about your target audience until you exhaust each and every detail. After that, plan how to have your content displayed to your customers. Start involving your customers early, after all, it is their product you are creating

It is easy to take time and consider all facts to get things right. No company would like to experience customers wrath, and payback for frustrations they experienced doing business with you. Above all, you get value when you give value.



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