How Social media are to be marketed

Beyond the likes, shares, comments, tweets, retweets, hashtags, tweeps, and pins, social media is proving to be a goldmine for businesses.

And it’s easy to see why.

We are social reports that we now have 3.196 billion active social media users globally.

That’s a mammoth audience for your business-provided you know how to strike the right chord.

Now, one of the ways of making hay from these sheer numbers is by using social media ads.

Indeed, knowing how to market your business using social media ads can bring you the much-needed upshot in revenues.

Social Media Ads Are Working

Unlike in the past when results were so-so, social media marketing seems to be working.

For instance, a while back, the drum reported that Facebook was influencing 52 % of all consumers’ purchases- online and offline.

Your competition could be beating you on this

It’s also possible that your competition is winning by relying on Ads.

According to Forbes, more than 4 million businesses have been paying for ads on Facebook.

Meaning if you don’t have a social media advertisement strategy, you could be losing big.

Social Media Ads Have Better Prospects

The strength of social media marketing lies in three key areas:

One, its way cheaper because you’re mostly paying per lead.

Secondly, they offer razor-sharp targeting implying that you’ll be talking directly to genuine prospects- people who have a big interest in your products.

Then, social media ads. are highly measurable.

Real-time ad. performance numbers are available so you can easily tell whether your ad is on track to bring in the conversions you have targeted.

So, how do you reach new leads using social media ads?

You have options including purchasing Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram ads.



  • Facebook ads



Facebook is the biggest network with a reported monthly audience of 2.19 billion people.


So you can rest assured that a good percentage of your target customers are using Facebook.

As I briefly alluded to earlier on, you can customize your Facebook ad to specifically reach a certain market.

Facebook’s algorithm allows you to classify people by age, behavior, interests, and location.

And there’s the famous look-alike audience which enables you to serve ads to users with the same qualities as your existing clientele.



  • Instagram Ads


Instagram has more than 800 million users.

Being a visuals (photos) only network, it’s not surprising that Instagram ads have a much better engagement.

Again, you enjoy precise targeting because of the integration between Facebook and Instagram.

And if you run a Shopify store, you can easily generate instant sales by integrating it with Instagram.


  • Pinterest Ads


Compared to Facebook, the about 200 million strong Pinterest community may look like a baby.

But it’s so important when talking about how to market your business using social media ads because users have a tendency of visiting Pinterest when looking for information about brands.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the US market where Pinterest trounces Instagram and is regarded as the number one social media network when we come to influencing purchasing decisions.

Overall, Pinterest has one of the highest conversion rates, drives crazy traffic to your business website, and can also help you learn more about the products that better resonates with your clients.

Key Guidelines

  1. Visuals sell so your ads should be more of video and photos than text.
  2. Humor can help you capture the attention of the most pessimistic user so your ads should be too serious.
  3. There’s no perfect formula. Keep testing and modifying until you get your ads right.
  4. Always reply to comments and queries in a timely manner. It will help with conversions
  5. Set clear goals before any marketing campaign. It’s the only of telling whether you’re performing or not.



Your clients are online so it’s important to follow them there.

Social media ads are a great option because of better targeting, cheaper pricing, and measurability.

So, learning how to market your business using social media ads could make eventually make a huge difference in numbers!


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