Starting a Youtube Channel from scratch and watch it grow is not easy for every Youtuber. Of course, there are many reasons why many channels struggle to pick up despite the hard work.
Well, this post is not about “views and subscribers” but shows you tools that can speed your channel growth. People are warming up to videos more than text content, and if you yet to join Youtube, this is the time to do so.
Today, it’s easier to grow your business through video irrespective of your niche. People are moving from text to video for it makes the selling process easier.
Youtube has 2 billion active users, making it the second search engine after Google. That should tell you where the world is heading now and in the future.
Every hour, 500 hours of video uploads happen on Youtube. According to Brandwatch, over 1 billion Youtube videos are watched daily. That exceeds Facebook and Netflix combined.
The success of your Youtube channel depends on the traffic, subscribers, and views. Therefore, video quality rarely matters; what counts is whether people are viewing it.
Suppose you have shared your Youtube Channel with everyone and nothing is happening. In that case, the tools below will help you catapult your channel to another level.


TubeBuddy is the #1 most incredible tool when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. Not only is it reliable, but safe, and YouTube certified.

The good thing with the TubeBuddy tool is the ability to use it as a browser extension. Unlike other software that prompts you to download and launch separately to use them.


TubeBuddy Marketing tool


There’s a lot about growing a Youtube channel online. But the TubeBuddy tool runs tests that guide you for better performance. In fact, the TubeBuddy (TB) can help to edit and delete videos automatically.

You can use it to compare competitors’ channels and how they are performing. If you find it hard to create appealing thumbnails, titles, and comparisons, then this is your tool. For instance, look at the data it provides you on Youtube, which an average user is not aware of. This is a Youtube Video by Jordan Platten, and you can see TB’s summary about the channel plus the video.

TubeBuddy Video Summary on Youtube

You can achieve more for your channel with TB, and you can try it here. No matter your Youtube channel’s niche, TubeBuddy caters to all brands, Agencies, Individuals, wannabe e.t.c.

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This is another powerful tool that you can use to grow your YouTube channel, just like TubeBuddy. However, the focus of Vidiq differs from TB but is still designed to grow your video content and outsmart your competitors.

The success of your channel relies on several aspects that you package it with. And some of these factors are what Vidiq helps you fix, such as keywords, video topics, description, tags, and growth metrics.

Vidiq tool is a free browser extension, though it works on Chrome alone for now. Probably, they may consider rolling it to other browsers in the future.

Vidiq Youtube Marketing tool

 Vidiq Youtube Marketing Tool

Video marketing is on the rise, and you need a good marketing strategy to grow your Youtube channel. With competition getting stiff day by day, Vidiq may change your marketing game. It helps you to spy on competitors.
You can use the basic option, but upgrading to premium opens you up to more features. They may help to keep your Youtube channel in good standing.


This tool, formerly known as Content Samurai, is another great tool you can use to grow your Youtube Channel. Your Youtube video content’s growth requires discipline, consistency, a topic plan, and the right tools to make videos a success.

Vidnami, can rescue you by taking off the equipment burden and editing process. Can you imagine a tool that saves you time to transcribe, create captions, combines text, clips, voice track, and choose choice music without your involvement?

Vidnami Video Creation Tool


The tool uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to select video clips, read texts, choose images from the library, or you can use your images to fit the video content needs. When you have a tool that takes away your video creation burden, focusing on your Youtube channel’s growth becomes easy.

Ask any famous Youtuber about their success journey, and you’ll see it’s a struggle plus hard work to build a successful channel. If you are starting and find it hard to produce content consistently, the Vidnami tool is the way to go.


This is a tool every Youtuber should consider including in their list to learn about the channel’s mentions and what people are sharing out there. It gives you social insights about your brand’s performance by giving you timely access to your mentions.

Brand24 tool will help your Youtube Channel grow through:

  • Filtering: It is designed with filters that help you narrow down the right results that matter to you.
  • Mentions feed – The tool shows an organized stream of your channel mentions for speedy interactions. When you learn what people say about your Youtube Channel, you take action and apply necessary changes.
  • Discussion Volume Chart: You can learn an intuitive representation of changes about what the audience discusses in terms of volume and reach. That prepares you early to gauge what to change or add for better results.
  • Marketing analytics: The tool provides you with actionable insights that help you save time and make the right decision depending on the data you receive.
  • Alerts: The tool alerts you through email and app (notifications) about a change of discussion, quality, and quantity.
  • Influence score: You’ll learn about the authority index computed for every participant in the discussion.

This tool gives you more features to play with, and that puts you ahead of your competitors and provides you with enough data to target your audience better.


Brand24 tool


When you have the needed data about your Youtube channel’s performance, you determine on time where there’s a problem and how to rectify it. Unless you are from another planet, the importance of data nowadays should never be a new thing for you.

The Brand24 tool’s role is to provide you with data depending on your channel mentions out there to help you make the right decision from the results you get.

According to the World Economic Forum, the entire digital universe is expected to surpass 44 zettabytes at the beginning of 2021. Most of the time, Youtubers create video content blindly because they are not aware of what happens when their content is published online.

But if you understand how the audience interacts with your content, it would be easier for you to produce what resonates with them.
Try Brand24 and see whether it will amplify your reach and to the right audience.


The more views you get on your Youtube channel, the more success you are guaranteed. DrumUp is what you need to help you share Youtube video content across multiple platforms all at once.


How simple would it be to have a tool that cross-promotes your content to multiple platforms? DrumUp makes it simple to reach as many people out there and gain both views and subscribers.
In other words, it is a social media scheduling tool. And works for Youtubers who want to engage in a simple task and reach a wider audience of various platforms. So, you can add as many social media accounts as possible and publish content from your RSS feed.
There you have it, choose the tool that resonates with your audience to grow your Youtube channel. The right tool can enhance your marketing efforts to attract views and subscribers. May you get a good response and reap from your effort to create video content on Youtube.

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