Social Media

Is your business on any social media platform? Probably, you are reading this and wondering why you waste time on Social media while your business is in good books? 

Well, I cannot refute that, but do you know being comfortable where you are is a problem especially ignoring the direction the world is heading? Let me jerk you a bit. Do you know there are over 3 billion users are on social media today? Does that surprise you?

Probably that does not at all. Did you know all Social Media platforms are free to register? If you know that also, then you have nothing to lose just to be there.

If to this level, not yet convinced check the reasons below you are missing out on a big chunk of cake.

Website Traffic

You’ll agree with me the level of your business growth depends on the amount of traffic you attract. There are millions of users looking for your business and how they learn of its existence is by strategizing it in the right place.

This is how you can increase traffic back to your site:

  1. Sharing posts related to your business
  2. Sharing quality engaging content from your site posts
  3. Contributing to a given subject shows you are an expert
  4. Through ads – While free works wonders, ads help you to target and reach a wider audience within a short time

Placing your website on various social media allows users to learn more about you by following the site link. 

Increase Sales

Most online businesses are selling their products/services via social media platforms. Today social media accounts are sales funnel that can help you to sell anything. 

For the last three years, the E-commerce world has stretched the boundaries making it is easier for users to interact with various brands. One can search for any product via the platform without visiting the websites directly. 

So, as users increasingly join social media for information, rethinking your marketing goals in this era is important.

There are smart tools nowadays dedicated to making your product selling easier. These tools do the heavy-lifting for you, and your involvement is actually very minimal. 

Brand Awareness

Creating a strategic plan about how social media is to aid your business can not only boost your visibility but reach the right audience. Since there are various social media available, whether it is products or services you are selling, defining your interests can help you maximize attention on certain social media networks that comprise the majority of your potential customers.

When users love your brand, the word spreads quickly, and that increases awareness. Moreover, acquiring new customers on a daily basis is almost effortless.  

Marketing Hub

Social networking sites are the key contributors to driving massive sales to many businesses. So, whether you are a big brand or a starter business, your presence can be a game changer. These platforms have placed a mechanism to assist businesses to thrive by connecting with their target audience the easy way. 

You can run a campaign to sell products/services which is a profitable avenue that can cause active users to interact positively. Facebook and Twitter have built such a powerful mechanism that is helping businesses to record success stories.

Though every platform has a different marketing channel, identifying your business focus can be a turnaround for you.

Maybe you’re busy to afford time on these platforms if that’s the case you can hire a Social Media Manager to take care of your accounts professionally. If you have no idea how to market your business, it’s better to leave it with pro’s to show you how.  

Staying Ahead of Your Competitors

Never assume now that your competitors are not running their business on social media, you can as well ignore it. Building a solid presence is a wise tactic to win consumers trust so that by the time they come on board, you’ll have a firm relationship with your followers.

When you are not doing it they get an opportunity that obviously works against you. Don’t be the type that says “old is gold” which rarely works for a customer. To lose your customers to competitors is easy as they change with those embracing new trends. 

Connect With Influencers

Building a brand from scratch can take time. First, you need to learn your target audience, testing (tone, products, audience behavior), running campaigns and much more. 

While it is important to do that, but linking with influencers can increase your brand visibility with almost 50%. Rubbing shoulders with influencers can attract more users talking about your business and opening avenues for more sales. 


Social media offers you a two-way avenue of communication, where you are directly interacting with your audience and customers. 

Social media users are active hot blood and to win their love you have to respond to their queries, ideas or suggestions. Responding after one week can have your brand snubbed. Social media users are not patient to wait all day, and a delay can be a win to your competitors.

Therefore, staying active can bring on board many users who see your timely response. Times have changed, and managing various platforms from a single tool is now more than possible. 


Young businesses are experiencing consistent success in embracing social media marketing. This idea was not practical in the traditional way.

Get your business where your audience spends most of the time and you’ll never regret accepting to change your view. Change is inevitable to them that are ready to lose, so, refuse to be that person.