Top Best Writers of All Times That Contributed Immensely In The Writing Industry

How does it feel to be one of the best writers in the world?

How does it feel like to contribute to something with the intention of sharing your mind with the world, only that small contribution turning out to be the greatest idea ever? Best writers…

Over the years, millions and millions of writers continue to emerge and the majority of them credit their source of inspiration to great writers who contributed a lot to both written and spoken word.

Through these writers, we have been able to understand more of our past and appreciate where we are coming from as writers. Today, cannot make sense without the past. And for that reason, it would be in vain to dream about tomorrow, if we understand not of our today.

A writer is someone who playfully and skillfully links words together to have a meaning of a situation, life, environment, history, and much more. Therefore, for every writer, today can draw their source of inspiration back to these best writers or a link that in one way or another connect to heroes who have a great involvement in contributing to the writing industry we have today.

They have demonstrated their intellect and many have benefited from the contribution. Some of the great minds/best writers to honor on this page that had an effect on my writing career are:


Jules Verne (Born in February 1828 to March 1905)

A French poet, writer (novelist), and playwright. He is known for Science fiction work such as: “Around the World in Eighty Days” and Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. His works have largely been translated in English and gained a lot of popularity with children all over the world. He played part in authoring great books and unique content that earned him the name ofFather of Science Fiction








William Shakespeare the great writerWilliam Shakespeare ( Born in April 1564 to April 1616) His work asks for no introduction. But for “Shakespeare” as popularly known, for great contribution that has touched the majority of people worldwide from young to the advanced generation in age since early 1616. He is known for drama, playwright, and an actor position. His works are humorous and romantic, with the likes of famous “Romeo and Juliet







Plato the great writerPlato (Born in 428 BC to 327 BC) He came from a well-up and influential background from both sides of his mother (Perictione) who was from a renowned Athenian lawgiver. His father (Ariston) came from a lineage of an ancient king of Athens. Plato was exposed to education back then and living in an era when the generation educated their children especially in the art which demonstrated peace and war. Plato was one of them and more he was privileged to come from an influential family. He shaped the western political philosophy, innovated dialectic, and written dialogue. He taught Aristotle. He started an academy around 385 BC which influenced other schools of higher learning in Europe…Plato writings were beauty, aesthetics, cosmology, political philosophy, theology, language philosophy, and nature. He taught Aristotle. He is remembered for “The Republic”  “The Allegory of the Cave” among others.



Karl Marx great philosopher/writerKarl Max (Born 5th May 1818 to 14th March 1883) early life started in Germany from birth. His parents were Heinrich Marx (Lawyer by profession) and mother, Henriette Presburg both came from a Jewish background. Karl Marx attended Bonn university and later joined Berlin University where he pursued law, philosophy & theology. His political philosophy influenced greatly 19th and 20th century. He is known as an influential political theorist, sociologist, revolutionary socialist, economist, and journalist. Karl Marx started a Marxism (ideology) movement which gave birth to Communism (a Stateless society where all are equal). The famous books written by Karl Marx are “Capital” & “The Communist Manifesto



Frederick Douglass ( Born in 1818 to 20th February 1895) is one of the most respected African-American figures who stood against slavery. He also was the first black to hold a high-rank position in the US government. Frederick was born in Maryland, Talbot county in the US. He was smart intellectually and boldly stood up for people’s right. Some of the famous books he is known for are “My Bondage and My Free” and “Escape from Slavery