Just the other day, Facebook introduced a new feature called Test & Learn to enhance Ad results during your campaign. This is a great improvement to help anyone willing to test & learn in the process.

For a newbie running Facebook Ads for the first time, this feature will prove to be helpful to gauge what approach works better or create a comparison a Facebook campaign.

Test & Learn interface found under Facebook Business>>Optimisation>>Experiment & Optimise

Test & Learn Feature

What Mechanism Marketers Used When Determining The Right Facebook Ads

Before the introduction of “Test & Learn” interface, Split Testing feature was relied on to try different versions of Ads until you get the one that works. This is how you can test A/B:

  1. You can try one Ad to different audiences
  2. You can sample various options – Posts

– Call-to-Action

– Videos

– Images

– Headline

Until you are comfortable with certain Ad resonating with your audience. Split Testing which is also known as A/B testing identifies the right Ad after trying various approaches. However, Ad strategy you get today may not necessarily work tomorrow which calls for continued testing.


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How Test & Learn Works

This feature uses precision to measure conversions. When your ads record more conversion that is an indication of their effectiveness. The tests are in form of queries that you are seeking to get answers.

The tests can measure two important things:

  1. How your Ads are causing conversion events
  2. How your Ads are impacting your brand perception

The feature helps to identify the campaign with a lower cost per conversion. This is after running a comparison between two different campaigns. In the end, you are able to learn where your money is mostly spent & what triggered performance.

Who Can Run The Tests

It is open for all as long as the set preconditions are met. For conversion lift (conversion events caused by your Ads) you only require an active campaign and set up event tracking. While for brand lift ( results of your ad and how they impact on your brand awareness) you require an active campaign and a budget of not less than $30, 000.

How Much Money To Use During Test & Learn

Test and Learn interface is absolutely free and the only requirement is to spend money on the Ads you plan to use. The only limitation set is for brands to have a $30,000 budget plan and for the conversion lift, you are the one to decide.


Everyone would be interested in an idea that works magically when placing Facebook Ads. However, it’s not so. You have to follow this set of queries until you get an answer that you feel it reflects your expectations. So, Test & Learn helps you to get a strategy effective to improve your business.

You learn what Ads are valuable to you and their accuracy. Also, from the feedback you get, the working strategy helps you to shape your future approaches.

Test & Learn Campaign Comparison test and Facebook Ad account test

In your metrics, these are the results that you get (campaign comparison test):

  • Conversion lift %cent
  • Cost per conversion lift
  • Conversion lift
  • Sales lift
  • ROAS lift

While for Facebook Ad account test you get these metrics:

  • Lift percent
  • Conversion lift
  • Cost per conversion lift


This tool is a great savior to help marketers gather data how their campaign is running. The tool helps you to understand better the efficacy of your Ads. After the test, you are going to learn whether the Ads are worth your money? Whether there was conversion or not? And learn which Ads have a better ROA…

Note>> When running the Test & Learn feature, you are supposed to let it gather data up to 4 weeks. Around that time you are able to gather accurate information to help you determine the right metrics.  

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