You have finally completed the hard part of video production and published your video content on Youtube. The next step is to bring traffic to your channel and convince your audience why they should stick with you.

But luckily enough, there are some simple tactics you can use to drive more traffic to your YouTube Channel and increase followers.

In an era where people spend hour’s online watching videos, you must endeavor to appeal to your viewer’s binge-watching habits. To stand out, you must strategically position your brand and utilize every promotional tactic available.

Here are some of the proven, tried, and tested strategies you can use to promote your Youtube channel in the USA.

How to drive traffic to YouTube channel in the USA

1. Choose your thumbnail wisely 

A video thumbnail gives viewers a chance to see a quick snapshot of your video as they are browsing YouTube. After uploading your video, you can select a thumbnail from the three available options that YouTube generates for you or upload your own if you have a better one.

It is very important that you carefully select your thumbnails and mesmerize them since it what people will first see while browsing for videos.

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2. Carefully select your title and video description

To catch a viewer’s attention and drive more traffic to your YouTube channel in the USA, you must use a beguiling title that will immediately arouse curiosity, improve your search results and drive traffic to your channel.

The first words should include a relevant keyword and follow it up with the video. Try and use a relevant keyword and video description to construct a keyword phrase. While your title should be clear and brief, you can expound more in the video description.

Strategically include a keyword phrase in the description, your URL, and a summary describing the video’s content.


3. Create a custom background image 

With a well-thought-out, attractive background, you can attract more viewers to your channel. Compliment your content with a unique design for your channel. While YouTube offers various themes and colors that you can choose from, you can upload your background image, facilitating you to stand out from the pack.

4. Make your best video “featured”

The term “featured” refers to videos that YouTube automatically shows in your channel page’s main window. If you are constantly releasing videos, this is very beneficial. However, if you post less frequently, it would be better to select another video to occupy that space.

To achieve this, you can open your “Create studio” settings and select Featured content” from the left list of options, appearing under “Channel.” Then click on the “Feature Content” option and select whether you want to use the most recently uploaded video, choose a new video, or playlists.

Conversely, if you already had a featured video, for you to remove it, you must click “remove” to change it.

5. Add tags 

Go to settings on my channel menu and tag your videos by adding keywords to drive traffic and bring you more viewers.

6. Encourage customer engagement 

Take time to read, respond and pay attention to comments and always engage with your audience and drive YouTube traffic to the USA channel. Liking comments takes a very short time and will make your audience feel a connection to you.

However, delete or report spam comments not to appear as though you neglect your channel. Engaging with your audience will not only foster stronger connections but will also send optimistic indications to YouTube.


7. Be active 

Expose what you have recently been doing on YouTube. If you like or “favorite” a video, this action will reflect in both your “Recent activity” and that of the content creator. It is a beneficial way of getting YouTube contacts that may drive traffic to your channel.

8. Create playlists 

Users love playlists instead of having a series of separate videos. Begin with the most popular videos to keep viewers interested and entertained.

9. Leverage cross-channel campaigns 

Cross-channel awareness can be a highly effective way to drive YouTube traffic to a USA YouTube channel. You can achieve this by creating blog posts about your channel’s themes then embed and link your videos in them.

Consider sharing the blog posts with video links embedded in them with your email subscribers as a monthly newsletter. To get a wider audience, share these blog posts, and videos on your social media handle to help you acquire more subscribers.

10. Optimize your video 

Research reveals that YouTube videos show up in approximately 69% of the top 100 Google search outcomes. Try and Google something, and the result will include a YouTube video.

Occasionally, YouTube pop-ups will appear before blog posts and websites in a search engine. Hence, optimize your videos the same as blog posts or websites by adding keywords, YouTube SEO, and tags.

YouTube SEO is beneficial as it boosts your video’s ranking, and the good news is that more and more viewers keep discovering content on search engines.



By learning video SEO tips and tricks, you can strategically align your videos to make them more discoverable and increase your viewership. The thought that video SEO is complex and needs special technical skills is a myth. You can optimize your videos with these simple tactics to benefit from YouTube traffic to the USA YouTube channel.

Carry out a keyword research 

Conducting keyword research will enable you to identify videos on demand and help you with ideas and tips. Furthermore, YouTube helps content creators with information and guides on optimizing their content. Typing a word into YouTube’s search bar will give you keywords from the audience.

Keywords will help you use these terms to explore potential topics and identify additional keywords.

Optimize your YouTube title, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails 
Promote your content 

Utilize other channels to promote your content at every opportunity you get including

  • Embed videos on your website
  • Promote your videos to your email subscribers
  • Promote your videos via social media platforms.

Sensibly speaking, video is one of the most shared contents on social platforms.

  1. Carry out an analysis to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Critically looking at your YouTube analytics will give you data on location, demographics, viewers, and engagements.

For you to rank higher, you must utilize simple tips such as

  • Use keyword tools to help you with keyword ideas and Including keywords in your titles and descriptions
  • Mention keywords in your videos to help YouTube better understand what our video is all about.
  • YouTube uses categories to know your target audience.
  • Tags help YouTube contextualize your content.
  • Engagement is a determining factor that YouTube uses to determine where videos rank in searches

11. Identify what your audience needs 

Carry out research to identify what resonates with your audience. Before making a video, please get to know what your audience wants by getting feedback from your audience. Study your competitors in your field and get ideas on promoting your channel. Be keen to notice which video content gets more views and engagements to help you know which topics reverberate more with your audience.


While getting more people to subscribe to a channel may seem like an uphill task, patience with a little effort on your part can help you drive more traffic to your YouTube channel without spending too much on paid ads.

Remember, a successful YouTube channel should first start with a strategic Google Keyword with great SEO optimization. Consequently, opt to run ad campaigns for your YouTube videos through channels such as Google Ads which gives you the flexibility of changing the ad, target, and budget if you wish to do so.


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