Artificial intelligence is concerned with the development and integration of computer systems to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, some of which include: speech recognition, visual perception, and translation between languages. The current technological developments are driving the world into an artificial intelligence future in which billions of computers and machines will be able to think and help perform human tasks, relieving man of some duties. World leading specialists on artificial intelligence are currently vouching for the adoption and defining the scopes to which it is supposed to replace human activities for the good of mankind.

Artificial intelligence is believed to be f importance to mankind as it is likely to shape the content world and market in some of the following ways;

Humans will be banned from driving

Statistics has it that 95% of road accidents arise from human incompetence including drunken driving, distraction, and driving while tired. Replacing human drivers is a sure way in which the artificial intelligence will shape mankind’s destiny with regard to road carnages. Traffic congestion is also likely to be taken care of. Cars parks are likely to disappear, as well as street parking, transportation costs will be cheaper and man will lose the ability to drive as autonomous vehicles are likely to take over the market. The mobility of the disabled and elderly persons will also be improved.

Doctor’s appointments be will on a daily basis

An artificial doctor is likely to be assigned to each and every individual in the near future. It will be equipped with your vulnerabilities, gene sequence, and particular diseases, all in a move to simplify your diagnosis and treatment processes. Your sugar levels, exercise, blood pressure and sleep will be under constant monitoring by the AI doctor to detect abnormalities in your system.

Computers will replace the human resource system

The rapid growth and development of the artificial intelligence and the rate at which it’s taking over human activities indicate that they are likely to take over scheduling your activities, rewarding and monitoring job performance, approving holidays and even managing your work. However, researchers are still indifferent when it comes to handing over some important aspects of the human decision to the computers.

Voice recognition will take over

With the development and acceptance of the artificial intelligence, chances are you will be able to walk to a room and give orders and everything will happen just the way you ordered it.  The drawing of curtains, turning on lights, turning your devices on and off, as well having warm water in the bathtub. Though statistics show that, a portion of the human race is likely to oppose this kind of life, the majority are likely to embrace it and have their activities controlled verbally by just issuing orders.


The world is transforming and at a faster rate than ever. Most of the technological development is aimed at simplifying human work by replacing it right from labor and the ranks through to decision making. It is a change worth embracing but then again, there are cons and unless the man is bent towards using it for the good of mankind? It’s a change worth embracing.






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