Write For Us

Exposure is significant for new, and even professional writers. Whether you are a blogger/freelancer and would love to become a contributor to this site, now is your opportunity to expand your viewership.

The focus of this blog is to educate the audience the simplest way to understand & apply social media advertisement. To save you from getting confused, we deal with:

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

Youtube Ads

Whatsapp Ads

Google Ads

Pinterest Ads

Social Media News

Advertisement experiences

We are looking for quality, informative, and interesting submissions. Learn the flow of the blog content to connect with the audience. 

What Are You Expected To Do

  • Bring unique ideas
  • Provide original work
  • Write conversationally
  • Make your writing simple (Avoid jargon)
  • Write content free from grammatical errors (We have no time to edit)

What We Are Not Looking For

  • Promotional content
  • Content with links
  • Submitting others work
  • Non- informative content

Write articles between 800 to 1000 words. If you are interested in writing for DunKariuki, please send an email to admin@duncankariuki.com with the subject line “Contributor writer,” your published samples, email address, website, & the author bio.

Will respond within five business days. Do not write a full article without sending us your idea first. 

Currently, we do not pay writers, but that will be considered in the future – all the best as you plan to become a contributor.