About Me

My name is Duncan, and writing is my middle name. I started writing since I was a boy, though that time it didn’t matter a lot what was being scribbled as long as the pen I used cried enough drops on any paper.

Over the years, my boyhood has been replaced with a career guy, who knows how to write mature content targeting businesses from blogs, web content, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content marketing and much more.

Career History

For the past four years as a writer…

I have contributed to individuals and companies with content that is aimed at refreshing business marketing strategy, offering new ideas, and turning them into success.

I have accumulated enough experience in the writing industry, and I am that person your business, website, blog needs to add energy, bring new focus, and help your audience see the reason to not only stick around but create deals.

What I Can Do For You

I am flexible, good at listening, understanding, and try as much as possible to put myself in your shoes before embarking on any project so as to measure the intensity of your requirement/demand.

Are you struggling to convert your visitors into customers? Get quality content emotionally touching your audience to the heart. I will create content not only that addresses pain points but offers pain-relief.

So, deny yourself comfort no more. Whether you are stuck with making 

Sales Copies

Email Copies

Web Copies

I will do the hard work for you while sipping your favorite cappuccino & never letting it go cold again.

Two words: Entertaining & Informative (Content)


You can define me by going through my portfolio

How To Reach Me

Contact me anytime, using the contact form or else emailing me at dunkan@duncankariuki.com Alternatively, you can use the social links below to reach me:




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