How Facebook Algorithm Works

Facebook is the largest social media platform worldwide. Brands across the globe use it as a tool to prompt conversations between users. Mark Zuckerberg announced on January 11th, 2018 that Facebook will make changes on its news feed algorithm to prioritize organic content. A move that will encourage meaningful interactions for media, businesses, and brands. … Read moreHow Facebook Algorithm Works

Facebook Introduces New “Test & Learn” Ad Feature

Just the other day, Facebook introduced a new feature called Test & Learn to enhance Ad results during your campaign. This is a great improvement to help anyone willing to test & learn in the process. For a newbie running Facebook Ads for the first time, this feature will prove to be helpful to gauge … Read moreFacebook Introduces New “Test & Learn” Ad Feature

Whatsapp Ads To Be Introduced To The Platform In 2019

Whatsapp Status To have ads in 2019

The way you interact with Whatsapp messaging app will change in the coming days as Mark Zuckerberg plans to introduce Whatsapp ads. Whatsapp was started in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum. Five years later, Facebook acquired Whatsapp at a whooping US $19 Billion. It is Facebook largest acquisition … Read moreWhatsapp Ads To Be Introduced To The Platform In 2019

How To Spend Less Dollars On Facebook Ads & Maximize Revenue

Spend less on facebook ads

Using Facebook Ads for your business whether you are a startup or an established brand is the best choice for getting ROI. However, that is not the case for many that have invested heavily in the Facebook ads expecting to get returns. One of the leading failures of Facebook ads success is a lack of … Read moreHow To Spend Less Dollars On Facebook Ads & Maximize Revenue

How To Become Top Instagram Influencer

The best of the best marketers

Every business and every product owner is fighting for top Instagram influencer seat. You may wonder, what kind of party going on up there, where everybody focuses on? If you want to know, ask a startup business, the hustle of screaming lungs out, while seeking consumer’s attention. Ask a business which has been lifted from ground zero … Read moreHow To Become Top Instagram Influencer

How YouTube Advertising Strategy Works

The best advertising strategy to follow

Only a few years ago, the only videos we knew were the Hollywood ones and Tv adverts. Today, videos are the in thing on the web. Businesses are spending millions using YouTube advertising strategy to reach consumers. YouTube videos are shaping the market. A bigger percentage of consumers cannot make any purchase without first watching … Read moreHow YouTube Advertising Strategy Works

How To Market Your Business Using Social Media Ads

How Social media are to be marketed

Beyond the likes, shares, comments, tweets, retweets, hashtags, tweeps, and pins, social media is proving to be a goldmine for businesses. And it’s easy to see why. We are social reports that we now have 3.196 billion active social media users globally. That’s a mammoth audience for your business-provided you know how to strike the … Read moreHow To Market Your Business Using Social Media Ads

Instagram Influencer realization-Have You Started?

Instagram Influencer Realization

Instagram has rapidly risen of late with the number approaching 1 Billion. Instagram influencer realization is real and only if you take the early call, will you enjoy the benefit before an overflow sets in. Getting strategized early is important to lead others, even though some already are ahead of you. Redefining your role as an … Read moreInstagram Influencer realization-Have You Started?

7 Ways Laziness is Delaying Your Success: Are You Contributing To This Evil?


The status you are in today is the reflection of your input Laziness is delaying your success and seems to encroach on you slowly which is eating your success unknowingly. Rome was not built overnight neither some careers you admire. Why blame the systems, people, situations, and everything else while you are stagnant? You know, … Read more7 Ways Laziness is Delaying Your Success: Are You Contributing To This Evil?